Rebecca Road, Newton Living Room Remodeling



Our recent project involved meticulous remodeling of both the bathroom and living room, with a focus on enhancing accessibility and aesthetics for our valued client. In the bathroom, we aimed to create an accessible and personalized space catering specifically to the needs of an individual with disabilities. The incorporation of a Cosmos Quartz White countertop, a strategically placed flip-down seat, and a deep ocean blue vanity aimed to seamlessly merge functionality with style. The addition of black Delta plumbing fixtures, complete with strategically positioned grab bars, ensured safety and sophistication in this tailored design.

Turning our attention to the living room, our goal was to transform the space into a cozy yet modern retreat. We installed a sleek gas fireplace to create a warm focal point for gatherings and relaxation. The Frost Custom built-in cabinetry not only added elegance but also served as a practical storage solution. To optimize the room’s functionality, we integrated hidden wall niches for media components, enhancing the room’s aesthetics while maintaining a clutter-free environment. An accent color paint was carefully chosen for the TV wall to add a pop of character, tying the entire space together in a harmonious blend of comfort and style.

At Bay State Remodeling, our commitment extends beyond mere renovations; it’s about creating personalized, functional, and inviting spaces.

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