Sun hill ln., newton bathroom Remodeling




Our recent bathroom project on Sun Hill Lane showcases our unmatched attention to detail. From outdated to outstanding, we’ve turned a once-dingy bathroom into a polished sanctuary. The gleaming chrome fixtures reflect our commitment to quality.

We chose penny tiles for the shower floor and niche, blending charm with a non-slip surface for safety and style. These small touches showcase our dedication to aesthetics and functionality.

Our craftsmen precisely laid porcelain floor tiles, creating a strong foundation that’s as durable as beautiful. The result is a floor that not only stands up to the daily hustle and bustle but also elevates the entire room with its timeless look.

Finalizing this bathroom transformation, we focused on creating a seamless experience where each element complements the other. Every morning, the residents of Sun Hill Lane can step into a space that feels fresh, modern, and meticulously crafted – a testament to the Bay State Remodeling touch.

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