West Broadway, Boston Bathroom Remodeling


At Bay State Remodeling, our recent renovation project showcased Sabrina’s design brilliance in transforming two bathrooms into captivating spaces. Sabrina, our visionary designer, led the process, emphasizing meticulous selection management and seamless order coordination as integral components of our approach.

Her design philosophy harmonized natural allure with modern sophistication. Chrome faucets and plumbing fixtures were purposefully chosen, their sleek finish adding refinement while serving as standout design elements that elevated the overall ambiance.

Strategic placement of frameless mirrors enhanced spatial perception and maintained a sophisticated aesthetic, contributing to the bathrooms’ seamless elegance.

Accent white tiles, positioned with precision, created a visually striking contrast against the earthy backdrop, exemplifying Sabrina’s attention to detail and enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal.

The wall-hung vanities, featuring a modern slab appearance and natural wood aesthetics, were design focal points, meticulously crafted to exude sophistication and functionality under Sabrina’s meticulous guidance.

Sabrina’s artistic touch extended to the incorporation of penny tiles, infusing a hint of vintage allure that complemented the overarching design seamlessly.

At Bay State Remodeling, our commitment to a comprehensive approach includes managing selections and orders as a fundamental part of the design process. Sabrina’s curated selections and precise order coordination were instrumental in translating her visionary concepts into visually captivating realities that surpassed our client’s expectations.

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