West Broadway, Boston Whole Home Remodeling


How do you get more functional and enjoyable space in your kitchen and bathroom? Remodel them, of course! That’s exactly what this client on West Broadway in Boston, MA was looking to do when they reached out to Bay State Remodeling to help them with remodeling the kitchen and bathroom in their home.

The client was looking for a traditional style kitchen and bathroom remodel with modern elements included throughout. Bay State Remodeling was able to deliver beyond the client’s expectations by combining modern kitchen cabinets, furniture, and plumbing fixtures with colonial-style window and door trims as well as colonial wainscoting throughout the walls. These are great ways to bring a modern feel to a home while still maintaining the historic, colonial feel that Boston homes are famous for.

The team incorporated a slab glossy finish to the kitchen cabinetry to deliver the modern touch while also helping to brighten the room as the glossy finish will reflect some of the kitchen lighting. In addition, the stainless steel workbench on wheels added to the overall functionality of the space while also delivering a unique conversation piece when entertaining guests. Finally, the team found the beautiful vanity for the bathroom to finish out the space and make it truly unique.

Overall, the client loved the entire remodeling process with Bay State Remodeling and couldn’t wait to start using their beautiful new spaces.

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