Planning a kitchen remodel in your Boston home and looking to take the space to the next level? We’ve compiled our absolute favorite kitchen features to help you achieve the kitchen you’ve always dreamed of and a space that adds value to your home.

Designing a modern kitchen

A modern kitchen is a kitchen that makes you LOVE spending time in your kitchen. How do you do this? Invest in features that get you excited.

For a lot of people (not everyone), an open floor plan style kitchen is the best way to achieve the space they crave. Open style kitchens allow space for the features you want (and maybe even some things you don’t even know you want yet).


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Benefits of an open floor plan

Open floor plan kitchens provide a home with a central meeting place and a wide open canvas to fill with features.

Kitchens used to be solely for preparing meals. Not anymore! Now kitchens are used for everything from doing homework and hosting family meetings, to entertaining guests and conversing with your family and partner.

Some of our favorite benefits of open floor plans include:

  • Natural light: Open floor plans invite natural light by removing walls and letting your space breathe
  • Entertaining: Open floor plans are great for conversation and can hold more guests. They’ll also be a lot easier to clean after hosting some friends for a game night.
  • Safety: With open floor plans, you achieve an unimpeded view of a large section of your home. This will give you a good view of your children while you’re preparing a meal or sending off an email in another part of the kitchen.
  • Less cramped: There is simply more space to stretch out. You won’t feel like you’re living on top of your family!

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Kitchen island

Kitchen islands are an incredible complement to an open floor plan layout. At once providing extra seating and storage, as well as creating a natural barrier to break up the room, kitchen islands are a luxury kitchen feature your home should not be without.

They’re also completely customizable, so you can build or add to the features that will best compliment your life. Great additional features to build into your multi-purpose kitchen island include:

  • Bar seating
  • Wine or beverage fridge
  • Prep sink
  • Storage cabinets
  • Microwave

Large windows

BIG windows let in BIG light.

While opening up your space and knocking down walls will allow for light to travel further, if your space isn’t getting enough light it will all be for naught. Large windows placed in strategic areas will blanket your space with light. They’ll also present opportunities for views and fresh air!

We always recommend double pane windows to keep your home at the right temperature. These high-quality windows are good for the environment and your wallet, too!

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Gas fireplace

Gas fireplaces add a cozy element to your luxury kitchen. While traditional fireplaces require you to build a literal fire, you can now have the warmth and ambiance of a handmade fire with the flick of a switch.

Modern fireplaces also do not require a traditional chimney, and are much easier to install. They’re also much safer and don’t require yearly maintenance.


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Built-in appliances

A favorite of many clients, built-in appliances are a great way to create a more sleek and streamlined kitchen design. By installing your appliances so they sit flush with your cabinets, more space is created and a more open design can be implemented. These are a particularly great option if you have a smaller kitchen and need additional space.

Some appliances that are a great option for a built-in style include:

  • Ovens
  • Refrigerators
  • Microwaves
  • Dishwashers

Farmhouse sinks

Want a piece that screams rustic charm? Consider a farmhouse sink! These oversized sinks add style and function to any kitchen and pair well with most countertop materials. We absolutely LOVE the exposed front edges on these sinks and think they look great in just about every kitchen.

Farmhouse sinks are actually a relic of centuries past, when their large capacity, easy installation, and versatility made them popular. They’re still known for these traits to this day, but have the added benefit of modern and chic design.

One underrated part of farmhouse sinks we love is their customizability. The faucet is generally not part of the sink unit, making the pairings almost infinite!


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Premium materials

While high-end appliances and expertly crafted features bring a luxury kitchen to the next level, premium materials throughout your kitchen are a must for a long lasting, timeless kitchen.


Countertop materials are one of the most crucial aspects of a kitchen. Considered the “accent color” of kitchen materials, your decision here can bring elegance and beauty to your kitchen. Some of our favorite options include..

  • Marble
  • Stainless steel
  • Concrete
  • Quartz
  • Finished wood

Don’t be afraid to use contrasting materials in your kitchen to create a textured aesthetic.

Heated flooring

One of the most energy efficient ways to keep your home (and especially kitchen) warm is through radiant heat flooring. It makes the walk to the kitchen for your morning cup of coffee all the better!

Radiant heat is also a great way to improve the air quality in your home. While traditional heating systems inject dust particles, dirt, and pollen into the air, radiant heat leverages the natural flow of heat to create a warm space.

For heated floors, bamboo is almost always the best material. Not only does bamboo flooring look stunning, but it can handle wide fluctuations in humidity and heat without warping, shrinking, or cracking.

Tile backsplash

A classic style that is making a BIG comeback, tile backsplash is a beautiful, functional, and on-trend style that will wow.

Why is this classic style coming back?

  • It’s easy to clean
  • It’s durable and won’t be destroyed by oil and hot water splashing onto it
  • There are so many different types of tile to choose from, making a customized look within reach no matter your own personal style

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