If you’re like us, than one of your favorite days is a spa day! Feeling pampered and eased into a state of total relaxation does wonders for the body, mind, and soul. But what if you could feel this way every day? With spa-like features in your bathroom, this dream could be a reality!

Read this post to learn more about our favorite spa-like bathroom features for a bathroom remodel and get started on your journey towards total relaxation.

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Open design

Have you ever been to a luxurious spa and felt like the walls were falling in around you? Of course not! If you’re designing a spa-like bathroom in your home, your bathroom space shouldn’t feel that way either. It’s not possible to relax if you feel cramped!

While often logistically tricky, some ways we can open up your bathroom to help create a more relaxing space and make way for features include:

  • Borrowing space from other rooms
  • Tweaks in the layout
  • Removing unnecessary features and materials
  • More efficient and modern features and materials
  • Raising the ceiling
  • Creative storage solutions
  • Adding mirrors and adding the illusion of space

Bright light

We’re a big proponent of natural light here at Bay State State Refinishing & Remodeling. Not only does it make your space feel larger, more open, and add to the beauty of your space, but it helps ease anxiety, too!

The main way to add natural light to a bathroom is through skylights, namely Solatube-style tubular skylights, or through the addition of large windows.

For the manufactured light in your bathroom, we always recommended light dimmers. This provides more functional light when you need to get stuff done, and a softer, more romantic lighting in the evening when you want to relax.

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A place to soak

While you may think of a soaking tub as something you’d only find in an expensive European spa, you’d be wrong! These tubs are great at putting you into a state of deep relaxation. Let me tell you from experience — there is nothing better than getting home from a long day at work and sitting in a soaking tub with a glass of wine and a good book. Divine!

Some of our favorite types of soaking tubs include:

  • Oversized bathtubs: Whether you go with a Japanese or garden style soaking tub, both provide enough room for you to completely submerge yourself. A great option for those who truly love to soak!
  • Clawfoot tub: Is there anything more beautiful in a bathroom then a classically styled clawfoot tub? These tubs are often made from cast iron and hold onto heat efficiently. They also fit in slightly smaller spaces that oversized tubs just could not fit in.
  • Jacuzzi: These messaging spa jet tubs offer a relaxing and “hot tub”-like experience in your bathroom! They are known for helping ease the aches and pains of those with arthritis or physically demanding jobs. Great for athletes!

Luxurious shower features

Let’s face it — not everyone is a bath person. That’s okay! It doesn’t mean you can’t experience a deep relaxation experience in your bathroom. Modern luxury shower features give you the full-body relaxation experience of a bath — just standing up!

Some of our favorite spa shower features include:

  • Rain shower head: Mounted on the ceiling and intended to replicate the feel of a rain storm cascading over your body, rain shower head showers provide a truly zen-like experience. While they use a lot of water, they can be adjusted from a light drizzle to a torrential downpour.
  • Full body shower sprays: Mounted on the wall, these adjustable jets provide a full body experience in the shower. A truly wonderful complement to a rain shower head.
  • Oversized showers: Designed to be large enough for two people, these showers truly change the way you’ll view your time in your shower. With showers this large, you can have more liberty with materials used and really get creative with the design of your shower.
  • Curbless showers: These showers leverage a subtle draining system to allow for your shower to sit flush with a bathroom floor. This provides a safe shower that’s easy to get in and out of and even easier to clean.

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A color palette focused on relaxation

No matter the room you’re remodeling, a fresh paint job and color analysis is always a good idea. The color should of course match the colors of the rest of your home, but should also match the activities that will be taking place in the room.

For a bathroom, you want a relaxing and calming color palette. To achieve this, try earth tones such as grey, green, and brown. These will emit a serene feeling through the organic nature of these colors. Wood grain is a great complement to these, and will add a nice accent to the organic color scheme.

If you do not like earth tones, egg-shell white and beige work great, too!

A place to store what you need

What’s less relaxing than clutter? A good way to destroy a well-designed and feature-rich space is having things lying around everywhere.

That’s why no well-designed space is complete without robust storage options. We recommended tasteful cabinets underneath your vanity, the classic behind-the-mirror style storage, as well as some less traditional options, such as:

  • Wicker basket
  • Trays wil storage containers
  • Shelving with organized linens and storage

If you are storing anything that will be uncovered (towels in a wicker basket, soaps on a tray) make sure these items fit in with the design of your space. Investing in nice soap and towels has the added benefit of just being luxurious in their own right, too!


Calming music

While not for everyone, many find the soothing sound of music (or maybe the stirring sound of jazz horns) to put them in the pace for total relaxation.

If this sounds like you — we suggest investing in a solution for your bathroom that you’ll love. This will be great for when you‘re soaking in the tub, getting ready in the morning, or listening to something in another room that you want to continue when brushing your teeth.

Many of our clients LOVE Sonos players, which gives you the ability to easily coordinate a speaker system throughout your entire home.

Make every day a spa day with Bay State Refinishing and Remodeling

When you work with Bay State Remodeling to design and build a new bathroom for your Boston area home, your goals will be front and center. We’ll work together to discover the spa space of your dreams!

Contact us today to learn more on how to get started on your spa-like bathroom.

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